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MGM May Not Be Protected From Liability!

Mandalay Bay
As a survivor of the Oct 1 mass shooting in Las Vegas at the Route 91 music festival and currently representing over 75 victims of the shooting, upon closer analysis of the Safety Act, it may NOT even apply! If MGM only hired the outside security company (CSC) to help with security at the actual concert venue then MGM will be flat out of luck in winning these immunity lawsuits because the “ACTUAL CAUSE” of the mass shooting was due to negligent security from within the Mandalay Bay Casino! The shooter did not gain entry to the concert venue and shoot people, as such, the Safety Act does not apply. The shooting did not result from failed security at the concert venue site. The fact that Steven Paddock was able to carry 26 bags of luggage and countless firearms into his room unabated resulted from Mandalay Bay “internal security” being incompetent and reckless. The internal security at Mandalay Bay is trained and supervised “in house” and paid as employees of Mandalay Bay. The in house security at Mandalay Bay is NOT certified by the Department of Homeland Security. The outside vendor CSC did not provide security within the confines of the Mandalay Bay Casino. The cause of the shooting was negligent security within the Mandalay Bay and CSC had nothing to do with security inside the Mandalay Bay Casino. Thus, the Safety Act would not apply.
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