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At the Claypool Law Firm, we aim to provide a voice for the voiceless. Whether you've been a victim of sexual abuse/harassment, were wrongfully injured, or suffered a violation of your civil rights, our compassionate legal advocates are here to speak up for you.

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Welcome to the Claypool Law Firm

Fighting for Victims of Injustice Nationwide

When it comes to pursuing justice for those who have felt victimized by child sexual abuse, civil rights violations or wrongful death, Attorney Brian Claypool and the rest of our team from the Claypool Law Firm know that every moment counts.

From initial consultations to speaking with major news media outlets to bringing a case to jury trial, we don’t just give our clients a voice to share their stories, we give them a platform to let the world know they aren’t afraid to stand up for themselves.

Our clients demand justice, and we champion our clients' desires by advocating for them in an unwavering fashion. As a survivor of the October 1, 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting, Mr. Claypool derived inspiration from that tragedy and used it to further fuel his passion and drive to bring about social change.

He loudly and proudly fights for the rights and dignities of anyone who has faced:

  • Horrible injustice
  • Painful abuse
  • And heartbreaking discrimination

Every case the firm accepts is managed from the beginning as if it will proceed to trial. Mr. Claypool's nationally regarded reputation as a fierce trial attorney, combined with his media presence, creates transparency in these cases that often leads to much more significant settlement offers before trial.

Many people in Pasadena and the rest of the country recognize him from his numerous commentaries on high-profile cases, as featured by newsgroups like:

  • Fox
  • CNN
  • Good Morning America
  • And many more

Many of these media appearances can be viewed through our YouTube channel.

To better serve our clients, we can offer the support of a Spanish-speaking attorney and legal assistant for all case types that our firm handles. Mr. Claypool has engendered a powerful relationship with the Spanish news media that sheds light on issues of justice within the Hispanic community.

Committed to Making Social Change

We have represented clients from all walks of life, including Hispanics and African Americans who have struggled through many forms of abuse and injustice. Rather than focusing on the volume of cases, the firm only takes select cases that will help bring about much-needed social awareness and change.

By being selective with his caseload and tireless in his efforts, Mr. Claypool has been able to secure an approximate 90%-win rate and has conducted in excess of a 100 jury trials in state and federal courts.

Brian acquired his passion for doing the right thing, protecting people in need, and challenging injustice from the birth of his daughter in 2005 and his Christian faith, which serves as a compass that guides him in his commitment to impact the lives of others and forge social change.

After a profoundly formative sermon by Pastor Jim Reeve at Faith Community Church in 2006, Brian was inspired to integrate his Christian values into his legal practice. His commitment to his godly purpose and destiny has served as the basis for his pursuit of justice ever since.

Brian also derives inspiration from the heroic examples set forth by his parents. Both served and fought in the United States Armed Forces to preserve the peoples’ freedoms and Constitutional rights.

Prior to his mother succumbing to cancer at a very young age, she was a relentless advocate for children in western Pennsylvania. Each time Mr. Claypool takes a case or steps into the courtroom, he strives to carry on their lessons and legacies and to fulfill his godly purpose and destiny.

Find your strength and voice at the Claypool Law Firm. Contact us today.

Media Appearances

A Leading Voice on High-Profile Cases & Current Events
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Your Victories Are Our Victories

Recent Verdicts & Settlements

  • Recovered $42 million for 45 child sexual assault victims of Eric Uller in lawsuit against the City of Santa Monica and the Police Activities League.

  • We recovered $38,000,000 on behalf of 19 children in the Miramonte child abuse case against Los Angeles Unified School District.

  • We recovered $32,000,000 on behalf of the family of Anthony Avalos, a 10-year-old boy who was tortured by his mother and the mother's boyfriend in 2018. Attorney Claypool was the lead attorney who stated, "the case was always about two things: in honor of Anthony to make social change and prevent this from happening again.”

  • $15.8 million tentative settlement in wrongful death action against Yucaipa/Calimesa Unified school district on behalf of mother of a 13 year old girl who died at school after suffering an asthma attack. Assisted by co counsel Robert Glassman and Erika Contreras.

  • We recovered $4.5 million dollars against La Puente / Hacienda Unified School District on behalf of 6 high school boys who were hazed by fellow soccer players

  • We obtained a $4.5 million settlement in a Federal Civil Rights action on behalf of the wife and children of an unarmed young man named Michael Nidah who was shot in the back and killed by a City of Downey Police Officer. (Assisted by co-lead counsel Dale K. Galipo).

  • $2.5 million settlement in a Federal lawsuit against the Port Authority of San Diego Police Department in a fatal officer-involved shooting of an unarmed man named Steven Hirschfield. (Assisted by co-counsel).


Our Cases of social impact

We always bring passion and dedication whether we are advocating on behalf of:

  • Victims of child sexual abuse
  • Fighting in the name of someone who lost their life in an accident,
  • Or pursuing justice in a civil rights lawsuit

At the Claypool Law Firm, each case is taken to heart on a personal level because Mr. Claypool has stood in our clients’ places before as a survivor of injustices himself. In addition to getting an advocate, when you select our firm, you also gain a trusted friend who will collaborate with you through thick and thin as your case progresses.

We've handled many cases of social impact, including:

  • MGM/Mandalay Bay Mass Shooting: We represent over 150 victims in the historic $800 million settlement in the Las Vegas shooting case.
  • City of Santa Monica: We represent 51 victims of child sexual abuse in a civil lawsuit against the Santa Monica Police Activities League case and secured significant out of court settlements without lengthy litigation.
  • Anthony Avalos: We represent the family of a 9-year-old boy in a $50 million civil lawsuit against the L.A. County DCFS stemming from the torture and murder of the little boy.
  • Noah Cuatro: We represent the great-grandmother and siblings of a 5-year-old boy in a multi-million dollar civil lawsuit against the LA County DCFS for failing to remove Noah from his home before he was sexually abused and murdered.
  • Rosalie Avila: We represent the parents of an eighth-grade girl who committed suicide due to incessant bullying in a wrongful death lawsuit against the Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified School District.
  • Jenna Groom: We represent a young woman who was sexually assaulted multiple times by a police officer while on duty in a federal court lawsuit against the officer and the City of Paso Robles.
A tenacious voice on behalf of the voiceless

At the Claypool Law Firm, we have made it our mission to fight for positive social change with every case that we take on. Click below to learn more about our current cases of social impact.


Hear it from them!
  • “I can’t express my gratitude to Brian Claypool.”

    - Jenna G.
  • “Good Customer Service”

    - Michael P.
  • “Direct and firm. No-nonsense!”

    - Former Client

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Are Ours to Answer
  • Do I have a case?

    It is important to understand that not every wrongdoing will result in a civil lawsuit. Whether or not you have a case largely depends on the tangible evidence you do or do not have to use in your favor. Medical records, communication transcripts, and other official documents can help form the foundation for your lawsuit. Without such proof, though, you might not have a starting point. Many times, what you factually believe is at odds with the legal standard of proof. You should always speak with an attorney to see if you have a legally-sound case or not.

  • How long will my case take to conclude?

    Every case is unique for many reasons, which makes knowing how long a case will take before concluding difficult. There are some averages to consider, though. Personal injury claims are usually completed in one or two years if the defendant tries to avoid liability. Cases that are more complicated can take upwards of two or three years to get to trial.  

  • What is liability?

    The legal concept of liability is how much a party is responsible for something happening. It usually pertains to personal injury claims. Many states will only reward compensation based on someone’s liability for their own injuries. The more liable a person is for their accident, the fewer damages they can demand from the defendant.

Meet Attorney Brian Claypool Mission-Driven, Client-Focused

Armed with unwavering tenacity, a passion for social change, extensive jury trial experience and a commitment to his godly purpose and destiny, Brian Claypool is a compassionate champion of his clients' fight for the justice they deserve. 

Why You Can Count on Our firm

  • A History of Success for Our Clients

    The firm has an approximate 90% success rate. Mr. Claypool has conducted in excess of 100 jury trials in state and federal courts.

  • Undivided Attention on Your Case

    Mr. Claypool is personally involved in every case and is committed to building strong personal connections with his clients.

  • Selective Caseload

    To ensure that every client receives the attention and support he or she deserves, our firm maintains a select caseload and will not hesitate to partner with other upstanding lawyers in Southern California.

  • Dedicated to Social Change

    Our firm is committed to helping victims of injustice break the code of silence that often permeates within private and government entities.

Let Us Fight for You

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