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Brian Claypool & Rosalie AvilaAnytime a child goes to school, they should feel like they are in a safe, protective environment. Legally, schools are required to assume responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of children, just as parents would.

Unfortunately, as recent news headlines from across the country reveal, the reality is far too often that schools are unsafe. Children who attend them can be put in harm’s way for completely inexcusable reasons.

We represent children who have bullied, resulting in injury, by holding school districts liable for failing to safeguard the child's well-being. The firm has found that many school districts do not take bullying seriously and even end up demonizing the victim to preserve their reputation.

It would be our honor to help you hold a negligent school district accountable for what has happened to your child, as we have successfully for other clients in the past.

As an example, the firm is currently involved in two profound cases. We represent the parents of Rosalie Avila in a wrongful death action against her school, stemming from thirteen-year-old Rosalie committing suicide after being relentlessly bullied at school and through social media.

We also represent the mother of a thirteen-year-old girl in a wrongful death action after she died from an asthma attack in a nurse's office because the school recklessly failed to create and implement a medical plan for this little girl.

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School District Liability in California

California, in particular, has taken strides to better hold school districts accountable for inexcusable harm that befalls students. The California Supreme Court recently held that all school districts in the state have an unshakable “duty to supervise students” who are on campus during the school day. The Supreme Court also found that school districts can be “held liable for injuries caused by the failure to exercise reasonable care” while supervising students.

    What Are the Most Common Types of School District Liability Cases?

    School districts have a duty to protect students from undue harm while on campus and during school hours. The type of harm is not specified too deeply in any legal statute, though. There are only some exclusions and exceptions, such as injuries during sports activities that did not occur due to egregiously reckless behaviors.

    Three common reasons for injury lawsuits against a school district are:

    Child Sexual Abuse

    For more information about our advocacy for victims of child sexual abuse, please click here.


    Far too many children of all age groups are subjected to bullying in America’s schools. There are so many cases and complaints from children, bullying cannot always be set aside as “kids being kids.”

    At a certain point, bullying is enabled due to a lack of supervision and discipline in a school. Bullying that only results in mental and emotional harm can be enough to constitute a violation of a school’s right to a safe space and may validate the need to file a claim.

    Attacks and Shootings

    There have been so many school shootings in recent years, it is no longer reasonable to say that they are truly unpredictable. School districts need to take deliberate steps to increase security around their campuses to stay vigilant for the threat of a school shooter.

    Unsafe Conditions

    Conditions around a school need to be reasonably safe for all students and accommodate differently-abled children. If a student is seriously hurt due to an unsafe hazard – like poor lighting in a stairwell – then the parents should file a claim for compensation and to get the hazard repaired.

    Has your child been physically or emotionally harmed at school? Please let us know how we can help. Call (626) 602-1333 now.

    Your Victories Are Our Victories

    Recent Verdicts & Settlements
    • $42 Million Settlement Landmark Child Sexual Abuse Case

      Recovered $42 million for 45 child sexual assault victims of Eric Uller in lawsuit against the City of Santa Monica and the Police Activities League.

    • $38 Million Recovery Child Sexual Abuse Case Against LAUSD

      We recovered $38,000,000 on behalf of 19 children in the Miramonte child abuse case against Los Angeles Unified School District.

    • $32 Million Settlement Child Sexual Abuse Case

      We recovered $32,000,000 on behalf of the family of Anthony Avalos, a 10-year-old boy who was tortured by his mother and the mother's boyfriend in 2018. Attorney Claypool was the lead attorney who stated, "the case was always about two things: in honor of Anthony to make social change and prevent this from happening again.”

    • $15.8 Million Tentative Settlement Wrongful Death Case

      $15.8 million tentative settlement in wrongful death action against Yucaipa/Calimesa Unified school district on behalf of mother of a 13 year old girl who died at school after suffering an asthma attack. Assisted by co counsel Robert Glassman and Erika Contreras.

    • $3.5 Million Settlement WRONGFUL DEATH CASE
    • $4.5 Million Recovery Hazing Case Against Local School District

      We recovered $4.5 million dollars against La Puente / Hacienda Unified School District on behalf of 6 high school boys who were hazed by fellow soccer players

    • $4.5 Million Settlement Fatal Police Shooting of Unarmed Man

      We obtained a $4.5 million settlement in a Federal Civil Rights action on behalf of the wife and children of an unarmed young man named Michael Nidah who was shot in the back and killed by a City of Downey Police Officer. (Assisted by co-lead counsel Dale K. Galipo).

    • $2.5 Million Settlement Fatal Officer-Involved Shooting

      $2.5 million settlement in a Federal lawsuit against the Port Authority of San Diego Police Department in a fatal officer-involved shooting of an unarmed man named Steven Hirschfield. (Assisted by co-counsel).


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