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Claypool Rejects Claims That FL School Resource Officer Was Made A Scapegoat


In an article by USA today, Brian Claypool was asked about his thoughts regarding the Parkland resource officer, Scot Peterson, who stayed outside the school as bullets flew. Is he negligent or a scapegoat? Brian Claypool, a lawyer and mass shooting survivor who lobbies for stricter gun laws, says he is sensitive to the mental health issues associated with such attacks.

But Claypool rejects claims that Florida school resource officer Scot Peterson was made a scapegoat this week when he was criminally charged with child neglect and culpable negligence, accused of inaction during critical minutes while a gunman was killing 17 students and teachers at a Parkland school last year.

“I 100% applaud the arrest,” Claypool told USA TODAY. “It goes way above Peterson, it will send shock waves across the country. It is sending a message that schools must provide security for their kids.”

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