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School Hazing

Two years ago, Brian Claypool successfully prosecuted an identical “hazing rape” case on behalf of five La Puente High School soccer players. The students were attacked by varsity soccer players and penetrated anally with a javelin pole. The Claypool Law Firm was able to prove in that case that this was on ongoing “tradition” at the high school. In the Damascus High School rape case, local prosecutors MUST also be investigating school administrators for potential criminal charges for “aiding and abetting” the commission of child sexual assault.

In the La Puente case, we were able to prove that the soccer coach was aware of the tradition of sexually assaulting younger soccer players. Surely, if this was a “tradition” at Damascus, then the football coach and/or assistant coaches must have been aware of this ritual. Moreover, surely there is a paper trail of prior complaints by parents of this happening to their kids. The only way to stop these horrific “sexual hazing” rituals is to hold school administrators criminally responsible for failing to safeguard these kids.

August 2016 – The Claypool Law Firm recovered $4.5 million dollars against La Puente / Hacienda Unified School District on behalf of 6 high school boys who were hazed by fellow soccer players

The Claypool Law Firm is represented five students who were assaulted and/or sexually abused during hazing rituals at the La Puente High School. One of the boys required emergency treatment for internal bleeding after being sodomized with the javelin. At present, four students involved in carrying out the hazing/assault rituals at La Puente High School were arrested on suspicion of assault in connection with allegations they sexually hazed younger boys on the varsity soccer team with a pole, authorities said. Detectives believe the hazing has been going on for several years. A coach, who was not named, has been placed on administrative leave. The alleged assaults are believed to have occurred on the school grounds and are suspected of being part of a hazing ritual for new players on the Warriors’ championship varsity soccer team.

In a press conference, Mr. Claypool detailed the abuse stating two 14-year-old boys were jumped by several older players and then penetrated with a “javelin-like object,” while a third boy, 15, “fought for his life” and, despite being covered in bruises, managed to fend off the assailants and grab the pole.

In the 15-year-old’s case, the school soccer coach told the boy to go to the storage locker room, and when the boy refused, the coach escorted him there. Once inside, the boy was attacked, although the coach was not present during the attack.

By virtue of the assaults taking place in a storage room right next to the teacher/coach’s office and based on testimony of a victim who saw the teacher wink at one of the assailants as he ran out the door, the Claypool Law Firm believes that the teacher/coach encouraged and/or endorsed the sexual assaults and School Officials knew or should have known that these lurid hazing attacks were taking place on the school campus.

The Claypool Law Firm is aggressively and passionately pursuing claims brought on behalf of students and their families. Additionally, we are fervently and uncompromisingly pushing for reform in educational institutions that allow students a safe place and respectable process to report such incidents, as well as hold staff and faculty accountable for any and all culpability. If you are a student, or are the parent of a student who has undergone similar attacks please contact The Claypool Law Firm immediately at 626-412-1478.

November 7, 2012 – Three teenagers charged with sex crimes in alleged La Puente High School hazing.

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