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Brian Claypool in Studio With Isha Sesay on CNN International


Brian Claypool discusses with Isha Sesay how Fox News faces growing racial discrimination lawsuits.

Brian Claypool has successfully litigated numerous workplace sexual harassment and sexual abuse cases against both the alleged perpetrator and the company based on a theory that officers and directors knew or should have known that the perpetrator posed a risk of harm to others and failed to properly supervise he/she. Most recently, he represented former America’s Next Top Model winner Naima Mora in a workplace sexual harassment/assault case against her direct supervisor and obtained a favorable out of court settlement. Mr. Claypool also secured a significant out of court settlement in a sexual harassment case against Prada on behalf of a male client. Mr. Claypool also assists clients during the criminal investigative phase after the victim lodges a police report.

Mr. Claypool and the team at the Claypool Law Firm are experience in winning compensation for victims of negligence, recklessness, and discrimination. The team is here to help clients through cases of personal injury, child sexual abuse, employment discrimination, civil rights litigation, and more.

If you or a loved one have been injured or taken advantage of through the negligent, reckless, or discriminatory behavior of others, our team is here to fight for you. Call us today for a free case evaluation and to learn more about your rights and options.

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