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The Claypool Law Firm Is Partnering With Nevada Firm To Take On MGM/Mandalay Bay


I was asked by a victim of the Vegas shooting if my law firm is taking on new clients. The answer is yes. My law firm is partnering with the most accomplished law firm in the state of Nevada. Together, we are coordinating our efforts and resources to take on this battle against MGM/Mandalay Bay.

For anyone who was subjected to the utter horror of this shooting, I can personally relate to the emotional trauma and distress you are enduring and navigating since I am a survivor. I don’t feel safe in most public places, have periodic catastrophic thoughts, have trouble driving in traffic and have become anti-social. I am a single father. When I was dodging bullets waiting to die, I vowed that if I made it home to my little girl, I would be on a mission to bring about social change and accountability to make sure this never happens again.

Anyone who attended the Route 91 concert who sustained any type of physical injury or who is grappling with symptoms of PTSD, we are here to help you and you have an individual lawsuit. There will be no more determined advocate for you since I was in your shoes during those horrifying moments.

My team and I are here to represent clients who have been victims of personal injury, child sexual abuse, employment discrimination, civil rights litigation, and more. If you or a loved one have been injured or taken advantage of through the negligent, reckless, or discriminatory behavior of others, our team is here to fight for you. Call us today for a free case evaluation and to learn more about your rights and options.

Please contact us at the following link. We would be honored to represent you.

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